Myddfai Community Council Minutes for November 2016

Myddfai Community Council Minutes for September 2016
March 5, 2018
Myddfai Community Council Minutes for March 2017
March 5, 2018

Myddfai Community Council Minutes for November 2016

A meeting of Myddfai Community Council was held on 7th November 2016 in Myddfai Hall.


Present: Cllr’s John Morgan, Gareth Hughes, John Griffith, Geriant Powell

Apologies Cllr Geriant Davies, , Hywel Lewis, Carol Dyer & CC Andrew James

Chairperson: Cllr Gareth Hughes


Before the meeting the Clerk read an e-mail from PDSO Helen Fender – in contact with Mr Davies SWTRA concerning yellow lines at junction with A40 in Llandovery, still to be done this Financial year.

A serious accident in Forest near Myddfai on Sat 22nd October involving a quad and scrambler result in a fatality is being investigated, Council to notify Mr and Mrs Monro as due to the investigations there may be less motorbikes through village. Community to keep police informed if any changes.


Minutes of the last meeting read, found to be true and signed.


Matters Arising:

Mrs Mullen- CC Andrew James is having a meeting with Mrs Mullen as nothing has been done. Also reports of Council road at Usk Reseviour- Fishermen’s Cottages up to Forestry a number of incidents due to Pot Holes.

Queens Coins only 1 coin sold

Letter explaining the Rhian Hughes did not take part in Tug of War due to illness


All below filed


Vacancies Electoral Commission, Vice Chair at NHS, Research officers

Training List

Report National Conference

OVW representative list

Aging Well walking survey to be completed by Clerk

National Standards Health Council

Survey Welsh Language, Culture


Seasonal Decorations

Community Infrastructure levy

Welsh Gov.

Wellbeing of Future Generations

Statement from Welsh Gov.

Asset Transfer Questionnaire complete by Clerk.

Boundary Commission New Constituency’s in Wales

Independent Remuneration Panel

Community Energy  Letter

Eluned Morgan Labour AM Introduction

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Report

BBNP Purchasing of Phone Boxes ( not Myddfai)

Letter from Mr and Mrs Taylor concerning street light pole – clerk had been able to deal with matter before meeting.



Bank Statements presented

British Legion Wreath purchased £18 Cheque

Clerks expenses cheque signed



ABC met with Councillors wanting old properties and find who owns them Helen will keep in touch with Clerk


Meeting Closed

(Minutes by Sandra Beard)