Myddfai Community Council Minutes for September 2017

Myddfai Community Council Minutes for July 2017
March 5, 2018
Myddfai Community Council Minutes for October 2017
March 5, 2018

Myddfai Community Council Minutes for September 2017

A meeting of Myddfai Community Council was held on 4th September 2017 in Myddfai Hall.


Present: Cllr’s John Griffith, John Morgan, Hywel Morgan, Hywel Lewis,  Gareth Hughes, Geraint Powell, Carol Dyer

Apologies: CC Andrew James

Chairperson: Cllr Gareth Hughes


Minutes of the last meeting read, found to be true and signed.


Matters Arising:

Cllr Griffith met with Mr Quick from CCC concerning the roads and ditches in the area, he also mentioned the verges Mr Quick said “he knew”.

Clerk has been in contact with Mr Morgan at CCC concerning the verges – by phone and visiting Depot x4 Verges were promised to be done 3rd week July! As still not done Clerk to write to Jonathan Edwards MP

Cllr H Morgan would like CCC contacted due to Holly Trees over grown by Esqairllaethdy and Lorries are refusing to deliver to that address.

Fire proof Cabinet Cllrs agreed to the price Clerk to purchase this in accordance with regulations

Minute books Cllrs agreed with Clerks suggestion of purchase of Minute Books fron Collins



BBNP Rights of Way improve Plan

OVW 2 Vacancies a) Violence to women   b) NHS vice chair    No interest

Planning Training

Code of Conduct

CCC Code of Conduct

WCVA Protect Planet and People

Fate of Welsh Language Poster on Notice Board

Welsh Language

WAO Good Practise Exchange

Older peoples Commissioner Report

Consumer Council for Water

Talk of the Valley

Revised   School Organisation Code

Robin Barlow Heart of Wales Line Trail Cllrs would like to hear more Clerk to contact

Police Theft of Quad Bikes

Electoral Arrangements

Mid Wales Fire and Rescue Cllr Dyer to complete Questionnaire

All the above filed if not otherwise stated



BBNP   Bathania Chapel Demolish Vestry  no objection



Precept Received

External Audit reported to Council, Cllrs decided £10 for a copy of Audit if any Elector requires one. Notice of Competition placed on Notice Board. Cheque signed in preparation for invoice

Cllrs informed about Zurich Insurance The clerk negotiated 5 year deal for £325.82pa







Cariad Defibulator Clerk passed on card for Hall Committee to see if suitable

BBNP Myddfai as a Conservation Area meeting to be arranged in October

Clerk away on Holiday 1 week in October reason for date change in October



Meeting Closed

(Minutes by Sandra Beard)