Natural Spiritual Healing and Pure Meditation Foundation in Myddfai

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Natural Spiritual Healing and Pure Meditation Foundation in Myddfai

LIVING & BEING Natural Therapies to help you be in charge of your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.   Tel. 01558 685713

Monica McNamara

Swan Fach

Llansawel, Llandeilo,

Dyfed. SA197JJ.

Tel. 01558685713

Natural Spiritual Healer and Pure Meditation Foundation Teacher.

Monica McNamara  BA (Hons). P.G.C.E. Dip.Sp.H.


Monica McNamara is an experienced Teacher, Meditator and Natural Spiritual Healer. She has 20 years’ experience as a qualified and caring professional and has learned to develop her Meditation and Spiritual Healing to a high level of Spiritual understanding and skill. She teaches Pure Meditation Foundation, Holistic Energy care and is an experienced Natural Spiritual healer and Animal healer. She is also practising as a developing Progressive Counsellor.

          Monica works on the essential principle that life and spirit are totally interconnected and that all our experiences in life are about finding a balance between the two. That by deepening our understanding of this connectedness all can experience inner peace, happiness, and a strong sense of right direction in life.

          Pure Meditation Foundation, Pure Meditation and Natural Spiritual Healing, all help us to find this balance in our mind, body and spirit and help our body’s healing in overcoming chronic illness and other mental, emotional and physical problems. Holistic Energy Care, for those who work in stressful or caring environments, will also help show you how to stop any energy drain. This can help prevent burn out and help you become more creative and efficient in the work place and therefore less stressed.


Pure Meditation Foundation                       

Of value to all works of life and complete in its own right. This practise is about learning to still the body and to begin to still the mind.

It helps you to be in charge of how you feel physically mentally and emotionally; to help you to develop focus and concentration, reduce tension, stress and pain, balance blood pressure and settle and reduce your emotional reactions.

Pure Meditation Foundation is for all ages, it can be practised anywhere; at work, in your car, at your desk, before exams and interviews. Practise it for relaxation and at night to ensure a better night’s sleep

It takes just 1 to 2 hours to learn and only a few minutes to practise each day.  It can help you develop peace and serenity within and is also a valuable first step towards learning     in-depth Pure Meditation.

Natural Spiritual Healing                              

 This is a natural and powerful therapy that helps you to balance your body, mind and spirit. It uses the energy of life that is within and around you and as your energy becomes more balanced, so the body chemistry is helped to be brought into better balance. 

 Healing can help improve conditions that the body may not have the strength to recover from on its own; whether it is recovery from an illness, injury, surgery, adapting to the body’s natural physical changes or provide more energy to where it is needed.

As such Healing can help stimulate your immune system, boost your energy, release tension, harmonise your hormonal system, aid recovery from illness and help you to relax more.

It can also positively help effect the mind and emotions and promote focus of mind, a settling of the emotions and a sense of inner peace.

Its harmonising and balancing effects may also be used as a preventative medicine, to help maintain good health and well-being.                       


Holistic Energy Care                                       

This course helps you to manage your energy more effectively and is for all who care about life and people, including;

 Healthcare Professionals.


Voluntary Workers.

Complimentary Practitioners.

Professional/ Home-based Carers.


The aim of the Holistic Energy Care course is to help you have a better understanding of your own energy, including how it’s created, used and conserved. With it you look at how to work with your own energy flow and learn how to avoid burn out, illness and excessive tiredness.

You learn how to use this knowledge and practical self-care to enhance your involvement with others, to give 100 %. without relinquishing any of your own needs and energy. You learn how to find your balance, centre and how to ground yourself, to enhance your creativity and hence greatly improve your job fulfilment and level of care.


Progressive Counselling                                

In progressive counselling people are helped to find answers to their professional and personal problems and questions.

People can come to counselling for many reasons and these include; stress, relationship problems, financial difficulties, career problems, personal crises, spiritual guidance, or wanting help and guidance to gain more out of life.

It allows a person to find their own natural level of intuition and enables them to deal with the here and now. To move forward with a greater understanding of any life patterns and habits that they want to change and to have the help and support needed for that change to happen.


  Monica is a member of UK Healers and an S.R.M.H.C. Associate. She has a Diploma in Natural Spiritual Healing and a Certificate in Animal Healing. She is a registered teacher of Pure Meditation Foundation, Holistic Energy Care and Spiritual Knowledge and Philosophy. In addition she also holds a BA (Hons) in Environmental Systems and a P.G.C.E. in Biology and Geography.