Nellie & Eve – Hand spun Welsh wool items

Cynnyll Farm
December 21, 2016

Coming from a long line of seamstresses and craftsmen creating and making has been part of Helen  Hickman’s  life from an early age. Living on a hill near Myddfai, Helen uses local sheep fleeces, mostly Jacob, to create unique wool products. All wool is completely processed by hand from fleece to finished item using little or no electric power. Promoting the sustainable, natural qualities of wool, Helen supports the campaign for  real wool.

She uses vintage fabric, hand spun yarn and recycled textile accessories. All wool is sourced locally with a ‘woolly miles’ total of under 5 miles, usually from the sheep that happily graze the fields around her workshop and the production of each item uses a traditional spinning wheel, hand or peg loom, old singer sewing machine or a simple crochet hook. Her wool items come under the name ‘tegan wool’, welsh for beautiful. Helen’s rugs, doorstops and tea-cosies are a best seller in our shop- come along and have a look.

All products are handmade in Wales. Custom orders are welcome. The products you find here are all handmade in her workshop in Wales, Llanwrda and reflect her love of a homespun lifestyle.

For more information call 01558 685083 or Visit Helen’s Website here.

‘Nellie and Eve’ is named after Helen’s grandmothers.