The Balcony area sits within the main hall and can be hired individually for meetings, workshops and other events when the main hall is not in use. Alternatively the Balcony can be used as extra capacity for larger events.

Balcony Capacity Size: 7.6m x 3.3m (25’ x 10.8’)

Style No. of People
Seated at rectangular tables (3 tables) 24
Seated at round tables (2 tables) 20
Chairs Only 45
Charges Corporate (£) Local (£)
Main Hall 20/per hour 12/per hour
Meeting Room 15 10
Balcony 15 10
Café (5pm onwards) 15 10
Main Hall + Balcony 25 16
Main Hall + Balcony + Meeting Room 30 20
Main Hall + Balcony + Meeting Room + Café 35 24
For local clubs, charities or groups using the hall there is a regular use discount of 30% for a series of 5 or more classes, or multi bookings if paid for up front.

There is a discount of 25% for regular corporate use – 1 booking per month for 4 or more months, all booked at the same time.