Myddfai Community Council- November 2013 meeting

Myddfai Community Council- Sept 2013 meeting
February 7, 2014
Myddfai Community Council- December 2013 meeting
February 7, 2014

Myddfai Community Council- November 2013 meeting

A meeting of Myddfai Community Council was held on 4th November 2013 in Myddfai Hall

Present: Cllr’s Hywel Lewis, John Griffith, John Morgan, Carol Dyer, Garient Powell, Gareth Hughes and Garient Davies.

Apologies: CC Andrew James

 Chairperson: Cllr Hwyel Lewis

Minutes of the last meeting read, found to be true and signed.

Matters Arising: Letters from Mobile Phone Companies asking why the signal strength has changed, as the reply has been negative Cllrs request our C.Councillor, A.M. to be contacted

Correspondence: C.C.C.   LDP – file

Polling Districts – letter to state there are no problems with Tỹ Talcan.

Code of Conduct – file

Environment Partnership – file

Fire and Rescue – file

Independent Remunerations Panel – file

W.A. Designated Persons Order – file

 Planning: C.C.C. – Reinforcement work Electricity E/28953 No Objection

B.B.N.P –  Tỹ Talcan 13/09762/Ful  Granted

Cwm Clyd 13/0988/ Ful  Granted

Half Acre Field  Retrospective application for an Agricultural Barn 13/10071/Ful. Councillors discussed this application and decided that it does not seem to be a viable agricultural building.

Finances:  Big Lottery – End of Grant report confirmed

BDO – Price of Audit increase

Carmarthenshire Eisteddfod – report read

Local Clerks Renewal to be paid  £75

Clerks expenses £350 cheque paid (2nd payment of 2013)

British Legion wreath £17.50 

A.O.B.:  Baily Rhyn Gate – C.C.C. to be contacted again

Clerk to speak to CC Andrew James concerning his meeting with CCC.

Meeting Closed

Next meeting 2nd December 2013