Myddfai Community Council- Sept 2013 meeting

Myddfai Food & Culture Trail – Book Launch
February 5, 2014
Myddfai Community Council- November 2013 meeting
February 7, 2014

Myddfai Community Council- Sept 2013 meeting

A meeting of Myddfai Community Council was held on 2nd September 2013 in Myddfai Hall


Present: Cllr’s Hwyel Lewis, John Griffith, John Morgan, Gareth Hughes, Garient Powell and CC Andrew James.

Apologies: Cllr’s Garient Davies and Carol Dyer

Chairperson: Hwyel Lewis

Minuets of last meeting were read, found to be true , signed

Maters Arising:

CC James reported that a few sites for the donated trees had been put forward.


OVW – Training Programme no module’s close at hand.

BBNP – Planning survey to be filed

Fire and Rescue – to be filed

SWWITCH – Network strategy does not apply


CCC – Green Grove E/280988/FUL Refused

BBNP – Tỹ Talcen out of date but there would be no objection

Cwm Clyd 13/09881/FUL no objection


BDO – No concerns with Audit invoice to be paid £72

Zurich Insurance – payment of £234.98 cheque signed

Precept – received

Clerk read statements from bank


CC James has meeting with CCC and will request a Give Way sign at the Exit of Tỹ Talcen car park

Clerk asked to contact all Mobile Phone companies, Orange/O2, Vodaphone as many businesses are experiencing problems with no signal

Meeting Closed

Next Meeting 7th October 2013  Forwarded 4th November 2013